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Orlando, Las Vegas or Gatlinburg?

Traveling in 2022 pays off! Use your vacation package during the HOLIDAY SEASON and get REWARDED with many gifts!

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An extra $50 Visa® gift card. This is on top of the gifts and/or amazing discounts you’re already getting when you reserved your vacation deal.

The ability to switch destinations. It doesn’t matter which destination you picked when you purchased your package, now you can decide to travel to any of our exciting destinations ORLANDO, LAS VEGAS or GATLINBURG, the choice is yours!

$500 Cruise Card Credit. Use it on a future vacation booking through Westgate Cruise and Travel Collection. Where will your bonus take you?

*You MUST travel now through December 31, 2022 to qualify for this offer!
*Restrictions apply! Hurry limited quantities available!
*offer only available to guests with existing packages from EpikTravel or HotelsCorp.



An extra $50 Visa® Gift Card

The ability to switch destinations
$500 Cruise Card Credit